Visiting Your Deceased Pet at Our Cemetery

August 29, 2019

Losing a pet is a type of loss that never truly goes away. As time goes on, you may find that you’re able to reminisce about the happy time with your pet and enjoy these fond memories. At Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery, visitors are always welcome at our cemetery to visit their beloved pet. The […]

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AKC National Championship Best in Show Awarded to Gina Beinhauer’s ASCOB Cocker Spaniel, Striker

January 8, 2018

The Beinhauer Family is pleased to announce this year’s AKC National Championship Best in Show honor was awarded to Gina Beinhauer’s ASCOB Cocker Spaniel, Striker. . .

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Preplanning your Pet’s Funeral

August 25, 2017

In today’s world, we care deeply for our pets. We consider them a part of our family, loving them from the day they come to us to the day they leave us. . .

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16th Annual Pet Memorial Service & Blessing

August 17, 2017

Please join us for a day of remembrance. Feel free to bring your leashed friends to enjoy in the fun and memories of those who have left paw prints on our hearts . . .

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Communicating Your Wishes to Your Veterinarian

September 3, 2016

It’s a difficult and emotional time when your pet becomes ill and may soon be crossing the Rainbow Bridge. For many pet owners, the hardest moment is deciding . . .

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Horse Burial Services for Pet Owners

February 8, 2016

Your horse is a beloved pet, but if he or she passes away, you may not have considered how your horse will be buried. Many municipalities in the Pittsburgh area . . .

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Planning your Pet’s Burial

December 14, 2015

Once your beloved pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge, you will have to consider burial plans. Many people are realizing that a burial in the backyard is no longer the norm . . .

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Specialized Pet Urns for Your Loved One

November 19, 2015

When a pet dies, you may choose to cremate him or her. After the cremation, your pet’s cremated body in an urn you’ve selected. . .

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Planning a Graveside Service for Your Pet

October 19, 2015

When a beloved pet dies, you may want to remember him or her in a special way at a customized graveside service. There’s no “right” way for a service to be planned or held . . .

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Pre Planning your Pets Cremation

June 11, 2015

If your beloved pet is getting ready to walk across the Rainbow Bridge, or if you’d like to plan for the day when your pet must leave you . . .

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