Planning your Pet’s Burial

December 14, 2015

Pet Burial Services

Once your beloved pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge, you will have to consider burial plans. Many people are realizing that a burial in the backyard is no longer the norm, and that pet owners are instead choosing to bury their pet’s remains (or cremains, if your prefer cremation) in a pet cemetery.

Burial Choices for Pet Owners

When your pet dies, you may not know where to bury them, or how to set up a service. A company with funeral home heritage, like Peaceful Pastures, that specializes in pet burials and cremations can help you with those decisions. The details involved with a pet burial may be overwhelming as you grieve your pet, so be sure to choose a qualified firm that will help you navigate through the process.

  • Service. You can have a visitation period for your pet, including friends and family, followed by a graveside service. Most services are simple and heartfelt, and can include some of your pet’s loves and interests. Many pet owners will display a favorite ball or toy during the service and may play music that reminds them of spending time with their pet.
  • Tribute. Only Peaceful Pastures offers you the opportunity to post an obituary of your pet. Just as people do for deceased family or friends, you can write an obituary or tribute to your pet that can be posted on the Peaceful Pastures website, or read during your pet’s service. These tributes allow you to share with others why your pet was so special in your life.
  • Burial or Cremation. Regardless of your choice of burial or cremation, you may select beautiful cremation jewelry that contains a bit of your pet’s cremated body or their hair.

When your pet dies, you may feel too burdened to think about your options. It’s a good idea to think about pre-planning burial or cremation services with a certified pet cemetery, crematory-like Peaceful Pastures near Pittsburgh. Our pre-planned pet burial or cremation services can include financial preparation, creating a special service for your pet, choosing a burial plot, and cremation services. Call Peaceful Pastures today to learn more about pre-planning pet burial services, or to set up a service and burial for your pet.