Specialized Pet Urns for Your Loved One

November 19, 2015

Pet Earns for Your Loved Ones

When a pet dies, you may choose to cremate him or her. After the cremation, your pet’s cremated body in an urn you’ve selected. You may choose to bury the urn or place it in a niche in a columbarium, which is a block of like cremation niches.

Customizing a Pet Urn for Burial or a Columbarium

Urns can be designed to hold your pet’s cremated body. If you’d like a specially designed pet urn, you can choose from several designs and materials. If you’ll be placing the urn in a columbarium, you should consider the size of the niche. Most niches in a pet columbarium are small, so be sure that your urn will fit in the space. You may want to choose a larger urn if you would like to place your pet’s favorite toy inside with his or her cremated body. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider:

  • Think of Your Pet’s Favorite Activities. If your pet’s favorite activity was playing fetch, then you can choose an urn with a picture of a dog that’s in mid-stride. Did your dog love to bury bones? There are urns in the shape of bones, or hearts, or even doggie beds.
  • Pick a Beautiful Material. Urns come in marble, cloisonné, metal, granite, and wood, among others. Each material can be designed to your urn’s specifications. You should also think of whether the urn will be buried or placed where people can see it, such as a columbarium.
  • Add Engraving. Remember your pet with their name and dates of birth and death, or even a poem, placed on the urn. The words can either be engraved right into the material—for instance, into wood—or can be put on a metal placard and then engraved on there.
  • Use Pictures. Your urn can be adorned with pictures of your dear pet, a reminder of how you love to think of them. Some urns can hold many than one picture, too, so that you can add moments with family.

Where Can You Place Urns?

You can keep the urn in your home in a special place, such as a shelf or end table. You can also bury the urn in a pet cemetery or place it in a pet columbarium, which is a vault with niches that holds urns or vessels. If you are going to select in ground burial, memorials can apply the same personalization to the gravesite. You, as well as other family members, can visit the columbarium or gravesite when you’d like, and you will never have to worry that it may inadvertently be knocked over if it’s in your home.

Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery in Pittsburgh’s South Hills area includes spaces for pet burials, and a columbarium for urns that will be kept in a vault above the ground. Call us today to learn more about the services that we offer to pet owners around the Pittsburgh area.