Planning a Graveside Service for Your Pet

October 19, 2015

Planning a Pet Graveside Service

When a beloved pet dies, you may want to remember him or her in a special way at a customized graveside service. There’s no “right” way for a service to be planned or held. It’s what you and your family would like to do to remember your pet.

You can plan a graveside service after:

A Funeral Service

A pet’s funeral service can be much like a celebration. Share favorite memories of your pet, set out pictures of your pet (alone and with family members, or with some of your other pets), and play music that reminds you of your pet’s personality. After the service, you may then move to the graveside.

Graveside Services


Yes, you can have a graveside service following a cremation. After your pet has been cremated, the cremated body can be placed in an urn and then buried at a gravesite. In fact, you can hold a funeral service before cremation, and then have a grave site service afterward.

At the gravesite, you can personalize the service as a worthy sendoff for your pet. First, gather at the site with some of their favorite items, like a chew toy, string, or tennis ball. Ask everyone to say a word or two about your pet, such as what they thought the first time they saw their pet, how they chose him or her, or their favorite activities, whether it was hiking with their people or sleeping every day until noon.

Next, play some music that your pet liked, or that you especially love, which invokes your beloved’s spirit. Read a poem that expresses how you feel about your pet crossing the Rainbow Bridge, and how you look forward to seeing him or her again one day. Perhaps hold hands with your family and think of how much joy your pet brought you every day. At the end of the service, make plans to visit your pet’s gravesite again soon.

If you’d like to plan a gravesite service, call Peaceful Pastures today. We have a beautiful cemetery, located among rolling green hills in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, where you can bury your pet and visit them when you wish. If you’d like to discuss future plans, or have more immediate needs for your pet, we welcome the opportunity to help you. Call Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery today.