Horse Burial Services for Pet Owners

February 8, 2016

Horse Burial

Your horse is a beloved pet, but if he or she passes away, you may not have considered how your horse will be buried. Many municipalities in the Pittsburgh area do not permit an individual to bury a horse on private property. Peaceful Pastures offers horse burial in a pet cemetery accessible to you and your family.

If you are faced with a decision about how to bury your pet, consider several factors in Pennsylvania law. You must protect public health and safety, and bury (or choose another option for) a deceased pet within 48 hours. Also, Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture does not remove horses. On a farm, you must bury your horse at least 100 feet away from flood plains, surface water, or a well. You must also bury the animal deep into the ground, with at least two feet of earth covering every part of the horse. Unfortunately, the size of most horses makes it very difficult to bury. For a pet horse, it’s best if you can bury it offsite at a dedicated pet cemetery.

Horse Burial

Benefits of a Large Pet Cemetery Burial

  • Your pet horse will have a “forever” resting place that won’t change, regardless whether or not you move.
  • You can have a funeral for your pet prior to his or her burial
  • Our pet cemetery is open every day so that you can be close to your pet when you would like to visit.
  • Burial services are offered throughout the year. In the winter, even when it’s cold and the ground is hard, your horse will be compassionately buried with the proper equipment.

Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery and Crematory will receive your horse into our care and bury your pet in our cemetery. We offer individual burial for horses or any pets, and we welcome you to select your burial site ahead of time.

Peaceful Pastures caters to pet owners, including large pets like horses. Our service, which include pet funerals, cremations, monuments, and viewings, are performed with the utmost respect for both you and your pet.