Pet Burials

Most people are familiar with human cemeteries, and you’re probably aware that pets can be buried in a cemetery as well. The thing that makes us really special is that Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery, which is owned and operated by the Beinhauer family, is situated immediately adjacent to the Beinhauer’s human cemetery, Woodruff Memorial Park. Many families find it comforting to know they can purchase burial property in both cemeteries and be close to their pets, even after death.

At Peaceful Pastures, we believe that pets are family. As a pet parent, you want the best possible care for your beloved pet, and we can provide you with the same options that are available for a human member of your family.

When your pet dies, we encourage you to call so that we can begin walking with you through this challenge. Our phones answer 24/7.  We have staff available from 8 AM to 8 PM every day  to assist you with veterinary removals, or to meet at our location.

We encourage you and your family to allow us to help you plan a pet funeral service, just as you would for a person. Many times, families elect to have a short visitation with their pet in the casket in the funeral home area and then process to the nearby gravesite for a committal service.


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