Communicating Your Wishes to Your Veterinarian

September 3, 2016

Wishes to Your Veterinarian

It’s a difficult and emotional time when your pet becomes ill and may soon be crossing the Rainbow Bridge. For many pet owners, the hardest moment is deciding when their sick pet should be euthanized.

Before your pet reaches that point, you should think about what you would like to do when the time comes. That involves:

Veterinarian Care

Talking to Your Veterinarian

While you know your pet best, it’s important to talk to the vet and see what he or she thinks after examining an animal and running tests. Veterinarian are animal lovers, of course, but they are also very good at speaking with pet owners, and they will offer you a choice. That choice may be a surgical procedure, prescribing medicine, or possibly a peaceful, last step – euthanasia.

It’s a good idea to talk to the vet about possible scenarios that could happen if your pet gets sick or if begins to have problems that are related to old age. After you’ve discussed this, you may ask to have your wishes put in writing. The vet or office staff can remind you of what you discussed months, or even years, earlier.

After your pet dies, some vets may be able to assist in arranging services with us at Peaceful Pastures. If not, please reach out to our staff at 724-745-8502.

Peaceful Pastures Pet Services

At Beinhauer’s Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery in Pittsburgh, we want you to remember and memorialize your pet just the way that you want. We provide:

  • Pet Burial Services. Our pet funeral and memorial arrangements often include burial services in Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. It is adjacent to Woodruff Memorial Park, which is our human cemetery.
  • Pet Cremation Services. A pet cremation is often preceded by a funeral. You can choose to cremate your pet, and then have the cremated body returned to you in an urn that can be placed in a columbarium or buried at Peaceful Pastures.

It is devastating when your pet dies, but Peaceful Pastures will help you as you prepare for your dog, cat, or other pet that crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. You’re welcome to visit our pet cemetery at any time. Peaceful Pastures is located near our human cemetery, Woodruff Memorial Park, so that you and your beloved pet can always be close to one another.