Pre Planning your Pets Cremation

June 11, 2015

Pet Cremation Planning

If your beloved pet is getting ready to walk across the Rainbow Bridge, or if you’d like to plan for the day when your pet must leave you, then you should consider pre-planning your pet’s cremation.

Pre-planning Has Many Benefits for Pet Owners

Cremating your pet is a loving choice that allows you keep him or her close to you always. However, when your pet passes, you may not want to think about all of the decisions that you’ll have to make at that time. Pre-planning instead allows you to focus on what you want as a pet owner. That includes:

Pet Cremation Preparation

  • Choosing a Cremation Facility. It helps to decide ahead of time where you would like to bring your pet for cremation. If you make this decision months, or even years, before you need to use these services, you’ll have a very important preference chosen and crossed off your list.
  • Having Transportation. When your pet passes, whether it is at your home or at your vet’s office, you will need to think about transportation to a cremation facility. While some people choose to bring their pet to us, others are grateful that we have a pick-up service that can be used.
  • Holding a Service. A pet cremation, like pet burials, is often accompanied by pet funerals and memorial services, which can be tailored to you and your pet’s favorite activities.
  • Deciding on Next Steps. If you’d like to keep your pet’s ashes close to you, you can pick out a special urn for your home. If you choose to have the urn buried at a pet cemetery, with a monument or marker, then we can help you make those decisions ahead of time. Some families choose to have their pet’s ashes placed in a columbarium above the ground.

All of these decisions may take some time for you and perhaps the other members of your pet’s family to think about. Pre-planning your pet’s cremation helps pet owners decide ahead of time what they would like to do when the day comes.

Peaceful Pastures will help walk you through the many options available to those who have chosen pet cremation services. Once you have decided, you can let us know, and so when the time comes, all that is needed on your end is a phone call. We’ll have everything noted and ready for you. That way, you can concentrate on your pet instead of what to do during that time. Call Peaceful Pastures today if you’d like to learn more about pet cremation services.