Pet Cremation Services

As the area’s leading pet death care provider, only Peaceful Pastures has its own crematory to serve your needs. You can rest easy knowing your pet never leaves our care. When a beloved pet passes, owners may choose pet cremation as an alternative to a traditional burial. At Peaceful Pastures, we offer cremation services that can be arranged along with special funeral or memorial services.

Peaceful Pastures will help you plan and arrange all aftercare services. Our services are designed to allow you to focus on your pet’s memory. If your pet passes in your home, at a vet’s office, or any other location, call us. You may either bring your pet to us, or we will arrange to transport it from a veterinary office or hospital.

Cremation Options

Peaceful Pastures offers two choices: private cremation or a communal cremation.

  • Private Cremation: With this option, your pet’s cremated body will be returned to you in the urn you’ve selected. We carry a variety of urn choices to fit your needs. Most urns have the option to be engraved or come with a personalized plaque.
    • Following the cremation, your pet’s cremated body can be placed at Peaceful Pastures. Our cemetery, within the rolling hills of the southern Pittsburgh area, welcomes all visitors. Many pet owners choose to have the urn buried on cemetery property. Families can also place the urn in a niche in our columbarium and visit their pet at any time.
  • Communal Cremation: Families who don’t wish to have their pet’s cremated body returned to them can choose a communal cremation. The pet’s cremated body will then be scattered on the property here at Peaceful Pastures.

Know Your Options

Prior to your dog, cat or other pet’s cremation, we will help you understand the pet cremation process and all the options available to you. Upon request, we can help you plan a funeral or memorial service to take place before or after cremation.

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