Pet Keepsakes that Memorialize your Pet

April 2, 2015

Pet Keepsakes

Losing your pet is traumatic, and many pet owners have found that special keepsakes are a wonderful way to keep their dear friend in their memory. Pet keepsakes can be something as simple as a picture, or as elaborate as artwork that is painted in remembrance of a pet.

Pet Memorial

Remembering Your Special Pet
Here are some ideas for pet keepsakes.

  • Pictures. These are the most common keepsakes that owners choose. A romp outside chasing a ball, a quiet moment in front of the Christmas tree, or a scene with another beloved pet is the perfect choice. Peaceful Pastures’ graphic design artist is available to help memorialize your pet photo with a beautiful portrait rendering of your favorite photo. Our artist can even develop a collage of a number of photos as well. Ask your pet funeral care consultant for more information.
  • Memory and Picture Boxes. Peaceful Pastures offer a variety of choices, such as a wooden, engraved box you can fill with your pet’s favorite toys, pictures that you cherish, or chains and tags.
  • Jewelry and Keychains. Keep your pet close to your heart with a pendant, pin, bracelet, or earrings. These pieces of jewelry are created to hold their cremated body or a piece of fur. They can be designed in the form of dog bones, paw prints, or other shapes, and can be engraved with your pet’s name. A framed paw print also may be desired.
  • Ornaments. Remember your pet during the holiday with a keepsake ornament that holds your pet’s cremated body, or that has a picture of your pet with his or her name. It can be hung on the Christmas tree or kept in a place of honor during the holiday season.
  • Household Items. Some items can remind of your pet every day, since they are part of your household. Paper weights, coasters, and storage vessels are common pet keepsake items that you will use every day.

These special keepsakes will keep you company on both happy and sad days and can be a comfort to you. It’s a wonderful way to keep your pet close and along with a pet cemetery, is the perfect way to remember your beloved pet. Call Peaceful Pastures Cemetery today to learn more about our pet monuments, keepsakes, urns, and services.