Choosing a Bronze Marker for your Pet

February 17, 2015

Pet Markers

When the time comes, you may like to memorialize your pet in a special way. Many pet owners decide to purchase a personalized bronze marker that can be placed at their pet’s gravesite in a pet cemetery. These grave markers are sturdy and weather-resistant and can be tailored with images and words.

Pet Memorial

Many Ways to Personalize a Bronze Marker

  • Find a Bronze Style. There are various different bronze styles that you can choose from, from a light to dark brown or a color or photo effect. Once you know what the bronze background will look like, you can concentrate on what lettering to add onto the marker.
  • Pick a Shape. You certainly aren’t limited to a rectangular marker. Choose a square, semi-circle, round, heart, oval, or a freestyle shape. You should also decide if you want to pick a flat grave marker or upright monument. Be sure to check with the pet cemetery first to see what they permit in which areas.
  • Your Pet’s Name and Epitaph. Your pet’s name (just first, or first and last), can be displayed, along with a date of birth and death. Some pet owners add a simple phrase, such as “She loved walks,” that lets everyone know the things that made your pet happy. You can also add a poem or other words that remind you of your pet.
  • Add Artwork and Emblems. You can choose a simple, plain background, or include pictures that let people know about your pet’s life. Pictures can be cast onto your bronze marker for a life-like image.

Peaceful Pastures Cemetery, located between Pittsburgh and Washington, PA, is a cemetery that pet owners have chosen because of its beautiful country setting and close proximity to Woodruff Memorial Park Cemetery for humans. If you would like to tour Peaceful Pastures, have questions about pet burial services, or would like to purchase a bronze pet marker, please call us today.