Writing Your Pet’s Obituary

January 9, 2015

Pet Obituaries

Your pet was an important, cherished part of your life, and you’d like to remember him or her by creating a pet obituary or tribute. It’s become a common practice to create a written remembrance of your pet that can be read at a service, by the graveside, or posted online through Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery and Crematory, that provides pet cremation and cemetery services.

Remembering Your Pet Through a Tribute

A pet’s obituary should be crafted by the people who know them best. You can use the ideas from your family or friends to create a lovely, heartfelt tribute.

Here are the questions to ask yourself when you are creating a written pet remembrance:

  • What did my pet love to do? This is probably an easy question to answer. Your pet’s favorite thing to do may be something as simple as sleeping. Some love to take walks; others enjoyed waking up their owners early in the morning. Even if you remember your pet for something frustrating, like chewing up your shoes, include it! Everyone will get a chuckle from it because that’s what pets love to do.
  • How did you meet? Think back to your pet’s Gotcha Day. Did they head right towards you when they saw you? Were they shy until you approached them? Maybe your pet was born right in your home. You know how you felt when you first saw them, so tell everyone about it.
  • How did your pet make you a better person? Many pets teach their owners the importance of patience and unconditional love. They also help you relax, forget about your cares, and understand the meaning of taking care of each other. Pets offer the opportunity for people to be a different version of themselves: kind and gentle, or playful and fun-loving.
  • What were your favorite moments with your special pet? Your favorite moments may be a trip to the beach, where your dog played in the waves for the first time. Or, maybe it was a birthday party that was held in your backyard that your cat watched from her perch, surveying everyone as they walked by. You don’t need a once-in-a-lifetime moment to be the most special time with your pets—you can just talk about your daily interaction, like how your dog would snuggle with you on the couch while the two of you watched TV.

Once you’ve written down your ideas, start putting them together in any order. Open your obituary with a sentence like, “Let me tell you about Cooper and why he was the best dog that anyone could ever have.” Then, talk about everything you just wrote down. Close your tribute with a loving sentiment. When you finish, there won’t be a dry eye around.

Contact Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery near Pittsburgh to learn more about pet burial and cremation services. We can help you create a beautiful service and host your pet obituary for free.