Vaccinating Your Cat

August 2, 2013

Okay, I often hear my cat doesn’t need the FVRCPC vaccination because it never goes outside; it is an indoor cat.  I agree if it really lives in a bubble.  But most likely at least one animal living in the household goes outside and thus can potentially carry a virus into the cat’s environment on their shoes. Yes it is unlikely, but it is possible.  And yes it is true that some viruses are not transmitted unless ingested, but it is always potentially possible. It just takes one occurrence.  You open the door and the cat bolts out the door even though it has never displayed the want to go outside. Now the odds are greater for the cat to acquire any of the given viruses.  All cats need the FVRCPC vaccination and prevention is always worth a pound of cure. FVR C P C Vaccine: What Does It Stand For? Read More About Cat Vaccinations