Plan Ahead

  • To relieve you of the added stress when the inevitable occurs, Peaceful Pastures encourages you to make the final arrangements for your pet long before you are in need of our services. You can be spared the frustration of relating a very personal and meaningful tragedy to a price list — especially at a time when you are least equipped to deal with the situation emotionally. Vital details can be easily forgotten or overlooked following the loss of a beloved pet.
  • Making decisions in advance enables you to financially prepare for needed services. These important decisions left to be made at the time of death. can create emotional as well as financial hardships for a family.  Outlined below are several important advantages of making pre-arrangements for your pet’s funeral:
    • You will pre-pick the desired burial location.
    • You may select the payment plan and method that suits you.
    • At the time of need, a phone call will be all that is needed.
    • Your investment is secure and your funds will be protected from inflation.
  • Our counsel is a free service to you that has been available since l998. We would be happy to meet with you in the comfort of your home, at any of our many convenient locations or the location of your choice. No cost or obligation is incurred and your family is certain to benefit.
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